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IS Paris a destination you long to visit?


 What are you waiting for? 
Someone to accompany you?  The right time?

Maybe you just need a little nudge and some inspiration
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Want to explore the City of Lights on a more intimate level?

PAPER ARCHITECT presents . . .



4 days, 2 nights guided WALKING tour
on art and tea in Paris, France

This tour was created out of a love for art and tea in Paris.

A group of 4 to 8 participants
will discover the unique character of specific districts/arrondisments
that make up the city of Paris.
No big tour buses or rushing from one place to another all over town.
Instead, we will take the time to discover
what makes that particular neighbor different from the others
including a visit to a museum, garden
and tea room each day. 

We will be walking and taking the metro as we mingle with Parisians. 
The journey to each neighborhood should be as much fun and informative as the destination.
So be sure you have good walking shoes.

LE MUSEE  We will be viewing art in small, mid-size and large museums
that cover a nice selection of art treasures from different periods.

The gardens, which are always welcoming, off
er a chance to relax, observe, and admire.

We will take a break with a cup of tea, French-style.
Scrumptious pastries, scones and cream and a
full afternoon tea
are on the menu during this tour.

                                                                         SALON DE THE  

Please contact me for instructions, policies, payment schedule and details.
email:  paristourwithnancy@paperarchitect.com
call:  Nancy at 818 423 0668

~ Metro passes (unlimited travel within Paris)
~ 2 Day Museum Pass (audio guides when available)
~ Museum entrance fee not included in Museum Pass
~ Fashion Walk with former employee of Cartier
~ Food Tour with guest expert guide
~ Full Afternoon Tea at Mariage Freres Salon de Thé (in place of lunch)
~ Picnic lunch
~ Daily Tour Guide:  morning, afternoon and 2 evenings
~ Travel Package sent 2 weeks prior to departure to include:
>Paris Themed Travel Log
>Tea Journal
> Itinerary details
> Packing guide
> Travel tip sheet

~airfare, hotel, or other travel arrangements to/from Paris
~ 2 lunches
We will eat together but you will be able to order whatever you want
and will be responsible for your own bill
~ 4 dinners
Have dinner with the group at recommended bistros / restaurants
each person will be responsible for their own bill
or you can eat on your own
~ 3 afternoon teas with the group
Again, you will be able to order on your own and pay separately
~ Special exhibits at the museums
some museums will have temporary exhibits that you can see
in addition to the permanent collection which is not included in the Museum Pass

  Prior to the departure date, I will set up a conference call for those who are joining me on the tour.
We will introduce ourselves, I will give a short presentation of what to expect
and answer any questions or concerns for you.

To have your questions answered and make
your reservation you can
or call:
818 423 0668


travel day

arrive in Paris

morning:  Creative Nooks and Food; 6th arrondisment
afternoon:  Classic Fashion and Shops; 9th arrondisment
optional EVENING:  Eiffel Tower and Illumination Cruise on the Seine

morning:  Artistic & Heavenly Views; 18th arrondisment
afternoon:  History Lesson & Charming Atmosphere; 3rd arrondisment
optional EVENING:  classical concert and dessert

morning:  Classic Royals & Style; 2nd arrondisment
afternoon:  Impressionists; 1st arrondisment
evening:  Le Louvre

morning:  Old Paris & Education; 5th arrondisment
afternoon:  The Islands; 4th arrondisment
evening:  D'Orsay or Arts des Decoratifs
final evening together

depart Paris for home



Since 2004, I have traveled to Paris once or twice a year usually for about a month,
  renting an apartment to experience Paris as a visitor, not a tourist.
I love to get lost and discover places and things I would not necessarily find in a guide book.
People LOVE tea in Paris which really enhances my visit as I too am a tea lover. 
There are the popular places and then there are some gems that are not so well known. 
Taking time to look around and notice my surroundings and soak in the atmosphere is a must for me.
Savoring every minute, even if it's just to sit and watch the world go by is pure pleasure in Paris.
The museums are so amazing that I never tire of returning.  Everything in Paris is like that.
I can do the same things I enjoy over and over
but have a whole new experience each time.
I have been a tour guide for many years for friends and their friends
as well as those who become my friends as a a result of our tour.
When I visit Paris I am always looking for ideas that will make this tour as special as possible.
My goal is to share my expertise and love of the City of Light and all it has to offer
with others who too like to stop and smell the roses
instead of squeezing too much in too little time. 
Quality over quantity and an open-mindedness to try new things.
After you have taken this tour, you will be able to return as an independent traveler
with the knowledge of how to navigate the streets and metro of Paris,
have a better understanding of how to order food,
spend more time at places you've already visited
as well as have the confidence to discover new things on your own.
I also teach workshops on Traveling Solo to Paris
and encourage anyone who dreams of spending time in Paris
but does not have anyone to go with to join us.  You can be on your own but not alone.
It is important to get a feel for the group of participants
and be flexible to adjust the tour to fit your interests.
Sometimes you have an idea in your head of how you perceive a certain situation
but once you are in the middle of it, what you thought you were interested in
evolves into what is taking place in that moment. 
Those are the times that are most memorable. 
I hope to give you some of those moments on this tour.


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